Tank Cleaning & Gas Free

Tank Cleaning & Gas Free

We are specialized in cleaning of fuel tanks, black water tanks, grey water tanks, fresh water tanks, bilge and sludge tanks.

Our trucks are equipped with the most innovative systems as Alfa Laval used to centrifugate the contaminated Diesel and a hot steam water system used specially to degrease grey and black water tanks.

Our staff has been certified to handle dangerous products and to enter inside the tanks as requested by the law.

If requested a GAS FREE certificate can be issued after the cleaning so that your tank will be ready for inspection of RINA or welding jobs.

We also clean engine rooms using a special biodegradable detergent to degrease the area and an ozone treatment can be considered to eliminate all smells from the room.

In case of diesel contamination from bacteria we can analyse the fuel and suggest the specific treatment, check our Fuel Bacteria Test & Treatment page to learn more
If needed we can also organize the custom’s paperwork and the logistic for the unload of the diesel you have onboard which we can store by our deposit and re-load onboard.

These are just some of the main services we provide but if you are planning a refit in Viareggio, Livorno or La Spezia please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to give you our technical advice.